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    Looking forward to this, got my tickets the other day and saw that the price was already higher:icon_conf
    No worries it'll be good anyway

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    Hi guys, this is probably not in the right place....but, are you guys gonna set up your stand in the mr2 village ? it would be really good to spend some time with you guys & others in the village if we were all together.............................. plus i wont have so far to stagger on the way back to the tent at 4.30 in the morning eh Paul ?? cant wait to see you all again

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    simple answer, no..not sure how far we will be away but you managed the stagger last year so dont worry, youll manage it could always join us..!

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    Quote Originally Posted by lodgeman

    Food for two brutal jae weekend

    There will be a vegetarian option available on all meals but please inform me beforehand so that I know how many weirdos there are!!! Lol

    im a weirdo! (veggie) and have bought the small package
    Lol x
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