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    Yes Nik - send the tee's to me and I'll take them along and dish them out!

    I promise not to forget them!

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    2 Big Packages ordered. Getting all excited now!

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    Two big packages duly purchased.

    Didn't see how to enter shirt sizes during the order screens so just added info on paypal in the message.

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    two big packages purchased cant wait should be a goodun

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    One Big package ordered, added shirt size (Medium) in PayPal message too, cos I couldn't see it either.

    I'll be ordering more, just waiting to for Nikki to come home before I can order as I don't know if she wants the shirt or not. She's at a "roller disco" in London and just text me to say that her mate's broken her arm and they are at St. Thomas's A&E lol They are all dressed in 80's gear,that'll teach them to act their age ;)

    Do you do kiddies sizes, he's 8 but the small's probably going to be too big. And can you add a kid's ticket price to the shop too?
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    All done

    Hi all.All done just paid for my tickets,grub,and tee shirt so i will see you all there in the Veranti i will have a spare seat going if anyone from the Worcester area wants to tag along,and please chaps and chapesses be gentle with me i need to be in bed by nine and i hate being woken up so please keep the noise down and no drunken antics please...its so common.

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    Oh yeah and as for tee shirt XXL fat bastard one please...Ta.Indy.

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    Indy, we are all in bed by nine......nine the next morning that is lol

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    I cannae fookin wait for this.

    Big package packed.

    Hope these T-shirts are warm, i've a feeling i may be sleeping under the stars in mine at some point over the weekend. lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by OlberJ
    Hope these T-shirts are warm, i've a feeling i may be sleeping under the stars in mine at some point over the weekend. lol
    That's what the Hoodies are for lol. Picked mine up from Miss Owen yesterday top piece of kit .

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