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Thread: JAE07 Guidlines

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    so mines a mk2 lol with a v6 will mine be in the front then lol

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    Engine at the front, car stashed around the back; someone remember the spanners please...


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    for those that want to know about the camping , here is a post from the organizers

    There are FOUR areas to camp -

    1st one - tents and cars
    2nd one - tents only NO cars
    3rd one - Family quiet area
    4th one - tent on club stand

    Same as last CAN pitch your tent on your club stand. It's entirely up to you if you want to do this, but your stand may look untidy and messy and as we will be judging the BEST CLUB STAND you may want to consider taking them down during the day. That choice is yours! I don't know why there is that fear of leaving your car...because actually you don't have to if you feel that way. After all there are FOUR options.

    Yes we have had complaints about the camping where people have used rope to section off areas for groups. I would rather that be done on the 2nd option - tents only NO cars, as there is MORE land, so use it! I suggest that if you arrive in a convoy pitch your tents first.

    One thing I will say is PLEASE be respectful of others who attend this event. It isn't just for "one" club it's for everyone who has the same passion....WE LOVE JAPANESE CARS! We have a great community so lets not get all anal about how or where we pitch the tents. I get enough hassle from teenagers, I don't want it from adults!


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    plus if anyone is interested there is a morning run being organised on sunday morning details below!

    I'm organising a short run/jog on the Sunday morning of JAE for those people who have camped overnight. I did this last year and it was a great way to shake off a slight hang-over and getting into the day on Sunday. The route I took just went out of the showground and round some of the open car park opposite (which could well be part of the showground anyway) so there's no chance of getting run over or lost.

    It would be an easy run, lasting about 30-40 mins, starting between 8:00am-8:30am from somewhere easy to find like the admin building within the showground.

    I've talked this through with the JAE organisers and they seem to think this is a good idea. I will be drafting some text for inclusion in the next JAE information bulletin.

    If anyone is interested then let me know.

    Matt Biggin
    (Halstead Road Runners / MSOC Member)

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    I thought she meant car run at first lol

    I'll be camping on the stand, everyone else?

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    ha! can believe a tb member will join in the jog! not seeing what everyone was like last year! i think most of the big members are camping on the stand mate! i have booked a 40/50 car stand so we had better fill it!!

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    Well am bringing the HondaHGV as a support vehicle, that'll take up at least 10 spaces lol

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    The only place I'll be running to in the morning (if i wake up in time) will be the bogs!! If i go for a nice morning jog I'm sure we'll all share Jack Daniels and beer again.....


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    Quote Originally Posted by BSM
    The only place I'll be running to in the morning (if i wake up in time) will be the bogs!!
    If not, you'll shit in your sleeping bag? lol

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