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    Can i get two tickets with food as well? Ive managed to twist my mates arm hard enough for him to consider getting in a car with me!
    Do i just paypal the amount or wait to be sent an invoice?

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    Quote Originally Posted by whoozy
    Just paid,any chance you could stick my TB window sticker in with the tickets miss owen?
    If you tell me who you are and where you live - possibly!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Murf
    Can i get two tickets with food as well? Ive managed to twist my mates arm hard enough for him to consider getting in a car with me!
    Do i just paypal the amount or wait to be sent an invoice?
    PayPal's fine - just remember to tell me your full name and address.

    I'll get a list of the prices and last dates for purchasing and post it up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Miss Owen
    T shirts or tickets?
    Sorry - Tickets...:doh:
    Small fonts are for midget baptisms, not signatures!

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    OK, just re-read this thread - for those that still want tickets the prices are:

    £11 for Just The Ticket.
    £36 Food and Ticket.

    Please pay using the PayPal donation button (home page) or transfer funds from your PayPal account to and just say in the comments box what the money is for - e.g. 1 JAE ticket or 2 JAE tickets and food etc.

    T shirts can still be ordered (and paid for) via the shop BUT get that order in quickly as Nik will be placing the order with the manufacture in the next few days. Those that order after Nik has done his thing will still get t-shirts but they quite possibly won't be available at JAE. Nik will order some spares so I will allocate those on a "first come first served" basis - once these are gone...

    Oh, one more thing - there is also a cut off date for ordering the advanced tickets - I think it is the 25th June - so I'm guessing that a few days before that we will stop taking orders.

    If you miss the date don't panic - you can still come to JAE but you'll need to pay full price at the gate.
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    Sports Toyota Breakers
    Would the misssus and I be able to tag along with you TB'ers? Seems to me like you guys might have the most fun

    We'd likely come in the old s/c, but happy to park it down the back somewhere....don't think I've got time to bung a V6 in during the next month :whistle:

    Jon @ STB

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    as an affilliate you are more than welcome to bring the SC..(and the wife)
    it wont be hidden away out the back, its a Mk1..!!

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    Sports Toyota Breakers
    Thanks Nik. If not too late could I order 2 x Just The Tickets, please.

    Jon @ STB

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    Jon, Miss Fit and SC Sam - you're all on the list - give us your money and the job's done! Miss Fit - I've PM'd you the details, Sam - cash is fine and Jon - PayPal? Can you please make sure you give me your addresses though so I know where to send things?

    Time is running out chaps and chapets - you need to have your money to us by next week if you want the advanced prepayed tickets.

    Also, the order has now been placed for the tees so feel free to keep buying them and I'll get them to you as soon as I can.

    The plan is for me to send out tickets and food wrist bands as soon as I have them but the tees will be handed out at JAE - unless you want to pop by and collect yours - I'll let you know when they arrive.

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    If you haven't ordered a T-Shit yet but still want one for JAE then please tell me whose T-shirt you'd like to steal and send along the details along with any spare turbo parts to the usual address...

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