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    JAE live brake up??

    If i get all the bits together for a front ST205 conversion, would it be viable to do a live brake swap on the stand?
    It should be a fairly straightforward swap and not really require specialist tools!
    If its a go-er, Who wants to help me?

    Should only need:
    Brake fluid
    axle stands
    socket set
    machined down discs/pads/spigot rings
    brake bleeding kit
    14mm drill bit and drill
    14mm thread tap

    If this is a twatty idea feel free to tell me

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    I know sweet FA about cars but im good with my hands,, I'll be your apprentice buddy, just don't say " get the teas boy " or i'll ram a spanner where the sun don't shine.. how's about it?

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    Sorted, i dont really drink tea!!

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    i'll help

    if they are going on my motor :)


    i can supply spigot rings and drills / tap / washers for caliper spacing inclusive. if you want machining i'm sure i could squeeze a pair out in time at a reduced rate if you cant find anyone locally. the bluecorner , fighting out of japan....

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    i'm sure i could squeeze a pair out
    A very generous offer, thank you! I've been meaning to PM you about machining discs but i didnt think i'd be doing it so soon! Kinda bought the calipers on a whim and now i may as well do the whole lot! No requirement for reduced rate though, its bad enough Paul sending me spigot rings and stuff for free without you doing it as well!! If i bought a set of discs and got them posted to you could you machine them down and take them to JAE?

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    no problem guv, consider it doneth.

    i'll bring a 14 drill & m14 x 1.5 tap and 12.2dia which is m14 root size.. you'll need to source bolts.. 4 of m14 x 1.5 pitch x 30? long? im not sure on the lenght i havent done the swap yet...... fully threaded 8.8 grade or above hex head steel set screws preferably zinc passivated or plated.

    also a drill that will chuck a 14mm diameter drill. usually limited on portable tools to 13mil chuck i'll see if i can find one with a small shank in which case you can do the job porty.

    one thing to consider have you the dust shields on? they may need chiseling off as the new discs will be slightly too large :D
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    i will be bringing my tool box, your more than welcome to use my tools. i can lend a hand, be a good learning experience for everyone i think.


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    A couple more things to remember, you will need a couple of 2mm thick washers placed between the caliper and the hub to centralise properly on the disc.

    Also check offset/wheel spoke thickness prior to fitting the alloys. I had to add some 6mm wheel spacers on mine as the wheel spokes were hitting the front of the caliper. would be mighty embarassing if you did the conversion then couldnt drive the car away :blush: lol

    For info i used mk1 braided brake lines (think from twosrus uk) and the bit that attached to the strut was moved along the hose a little for a good fitup.

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    Just like to say I think this is a splendid idea chaps ...

    Quote Originally Posted by Murf
    JAE live break up???
    ...though I was a tad concerned that you wanted Father Woods to preside over a live TB divorce!


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    i thought we were talking of stripping a mk2 apart on the stand and flogging the parts as we take them off!!!:whistle:

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