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    Well, it seems the plan is off!
    Test fitted the caliper today and its looking like i'll need 15mm spacers and therefore longer studs. I'm not keen on fitting spacers as i'm already getting rubbing between the tyre and the inside of the front wing at full suspension travel and i dont want to make this any worse!
    So! I'm going to get Keri's 4 pot kit in the future and get some nice 15's or 16's to get the snappy handling back how it used to be!
    Thanks for all the input though guys, anyone want to buy a full st205 setup, ready to bolt on??

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    murf IF my car is running well enough to bring to JAE will take you out and you can see how good the WMS kit is if you like!

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    Sounds good to me bud, even if its slightly less mental than the 205 setup, it'll still be good enough for me :)

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    not much in it I dont think as both will outperform your tyres anyways!

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    Ok, well ive had the bits for months now and been tripping over them in my spare room so decided to dummy fit them again with the new 16in wheels that i have now.

    And they fit!! Its got about 20mm space radially and i'll need to get 5 or 6mm spacers for the wheels but it should just work!!
    So, it seems the brake up is back on, not live and 6 months late but hey ho....

    So, ive filed off the celica lettering to give me and extra mm space (i'll need it!) and i've cleaned and painted the calipers, they look ace :)

    Will my stock mk1 flexi hoses be reuseable or will i need to get new ones?

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    the hoses should fit chap, good fit there, look smaller than the gargantuan size they are.. the bluecorner , fighting out of japan....

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    As of this morning, the brakes are on!!
    I'm using 2mm spacers and have about 1mm space between the calipers and the wheels spokes, thats with the celica lettering ground off!! Going to fit 3mm spacers just to be on the safe side.
    All bolted in place nicely, using 16mm bolts instead of 14mm, thanks to me not reading Adams instructions properly!!

    Went for a quick test drive and it all seems good!
    One issue though, i bled the brakes thoroughly but they are still spongy, how can i make sure i get all the air out of them?
    Also, do i need to upgrade to a mk2 master clylinder or will the stock mk1 unit be ok?
    Big thanks to AdamH for all his advice and for his excellent machining of the disks :)
    Pics up soon :)

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    Had the same problem with spongy brakes Murf. Turned out they were just needing bedded in properly. Give it a few good brake operations to see if it settles down.

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    St185 disc beside machined down st205 disc!

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    Give it a few good brake operations to see if it settles down.
    I drove it for a couple of miles but no difference, how long did it take?

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