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    Whoozy's Mk2 V6 TURBO!

    Right,first time we've ever built one of these so bear with me,it might be a bumpy ride! lol and yep you read right a V6 turbo.

    Here is mr whoozy's car....

    And here is the old turbo engine,lots of play on the old turbo,oil leaks everywhere underneath,not good....

    And here is most of the engine dismantled/disconnected...bloody camera ran out at this stage so unable to show you the subframe off and the engine getting lowered to the floor,i will take those pics tomorrow

    The plan here is to run a hybrid ct26 at low boost pressure on the stock ecu until jeremys ecu becomes available,then we can wind things up a bit,but not too far after all we are on still on stock internals.

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    Now this is a thread everyone will be watching with a lot of interest!

    PS. Those wheels are amazing :)

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    Ooh ooh ooh, wooooooooooooooooooooooooooohooooooooooooooooooooo o!
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    This is going tobe insane :) I've just done my first tank of fuel driving hard and it's fast.. Im so ...i'll write about it now

    I saw your car there and it looks rude dark and evil.. Good luck with this Paul, I don't think your going to need it tho, Mr Wizard Woods...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Portgordon
    Now this is a thread everyone will be watching with a lot of interest!

    for sure!

    Quote Originally Posted by Portgordon
    PS. Those wheels are amazing :)
    I suppose they are if you like cleaning ALOT!

    Only joking I do like them on the MK1s ala jinkxy but defo wouldnt want task of cleaning them!

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    Definitly keeping a close on eye on this thread for sure :)

    Got the job that doubles my salary so I'm good to go for September

    Was looking at Marks V6 on Sunday, trying to figure out where the turbo is going to be located, only place I could see is above the gearbox via a very custom manifold. What's the plan Paul?

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    Will follow closely. Good luck Paul and to you Whoozy:)

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    Ooooh need to watch this one, and Sam you wouldn't bother cleaning anything, I'm sure the last time your SC had a decent clean was when I attacked it for JAE last year :)

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    Yep very interesting thread, this. I know you have aturbo there and obviously will reuse the drivetrain, but am I right in thinking that the NA drivetrain would have issues if you mated it to a turbo V6?
    Even a low blow V6 will be stonking I reckon. This has to be dyno'd after!

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    Thank good Woodsy got some practice in before I come with mine! :)

    Mate, this car is gonna fly. Can't wait to see what this get's dyno'd at!

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