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Thread: smoking at jae!

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    smoking at jae!

    it has come to our attention that with the new no smoking rules, smoking inside the tents/marquees is only allowed if 50% or less of the sides are up!:hand: now i personally think that has got to be one of the daftest rules i have ever heard of!:naughty: and there is/may be enviromental health people checking up on it!:shifty: so what do you think of making the tent thingy no smoking? saves any hassle all round ?

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    may seem silly too you...but its LAW here,has been for a while now

    pubs/clubs are "smoke-free".just about all restaraunts have been here since before the legislation came in. so that fixed the last few...

    no smoking in enclosed public spaces(like train/bus stations)meaning closed in on 3 faces, if it has a roof, and fines for people who breach it too..

    but worse than that, they are actually looking at banning the sale of tobacco products for public supply inside 10 it becomes a "perscription only medicine"lol

    abuse it while you can;)....ha ha

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    Ooo i like the sound of that sketchy

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    surely a tent is classed as a private dwelling just like your house? i thought the smoking ban only covered the workplace and public buildings? surely if someone is smoking inside their own tent thats legal? lol really daft! im a non smoker but i do think this is going too smoking in your tent PMSL!

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    Your own tent is fine Paul, its' the club tent where it counts as that's become a public building.

    No smoking in the club tent doesn't seem like too much of a drag (excuse the pun); from what I remember of last year, everyone smoked outside anyway!

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    Yeah I would have thought that your own tent would be ok tbh. As with the no smoking in the Marquee I don't think anyone will find it a problem unless we get another hurricane.

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    I is a smoker and I don't mind if the main marquee is no smoking lol It'll give me the exercise to get up and go outside..!!

    But if any fooker tries to stop me from lighting up my morning tab in my tent I'll shove it in their eye

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    Banning the sale of tobacco seems like an absolutely dreadful idea to me... i'm a non-smoker, but even I can see that it would just make it a higher price black market commodity...

    Plus has anyone been in a club since the ban... it just stinks of fart... i'd rather smell smoke than beer induced chuff!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sponge Bob
    ... it just stinks of fart... i'd rather smell smoke than beer induced chuff!!!
    Not had that pleasure yet, I'll bring the Oust to JAE..!!
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    It was no pleasure I promise... it was disgusting, and I'm sure it's something which will be addressed...

    Saying that, it was easy to let one go without fear of consequence ;)
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