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Thread: smoking at jae!

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    Agree with Ash on the smell in pubs n stuff, fair enough the eating pubs smell good with the cooked food but drinking only pubs n clubs smell rank now. They need to do something like allow smoking until they can find a method of removing fart smell quickly and efficently :)

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    Well it wouldn't surprise me after the concern about belching cows now

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    well yeah...the smell in the clubs has its the spilt drinks and the stale sticky

    in private dwellings your still fine...its the public access areas that are effected...your club marquee is fine..if other persons cant just enter.

    as for reasoning behing banning the sale...its a fair call in some respects..
    the burdan on the health system is quite high..

    but it will go pot...then the gangs will make money off it..unlike the elected gang who wont get tax from it(at least they will save on the health budget)...LMFAO

    so the already overworked and understaffed ticket issuers/revanue gatherers...(sorry police)..will have even more too stop and less they can do about

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sponge Bob
    Banning the sale of tobacco seems like an absolutely dreadful idea to me... i'm a non-smoker, but even I can see that it would just make it a higher price black market commodity...
    No, no I think that's where your wrong Ash. It's the government that charge extortionate taxes on a substance they seek to outlaw .
    Blackmarket prices are actually quite reasonable. ;)

    On topic... as a smoker quite happy with making communal tent smoke free. If it pisses down i'll smoke in my car (it's not a company vehicle so is allowed lol)

    Nolite id cogere, cape malleum majorem.

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    I smoke... quite a lot when I drink... I may need gentle reminder about the smoking in tent thing...

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