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    This should be funny. Now you better arange for a cam to record this event. Maby call Sportcentre?:)

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    That's great!

    you even get time to make stuff like this in between all those mk2 v6 swaps

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    Oh yeah you have to put it on youtube ! Those things are the devils doings !

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    Fuck it, put me down for round 1; On the proviso that I get to choose the drinks we do before starting the challenge. ;)

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    I like Paul's style... stick the CV joint straight to the disc, remove the excess and unnecessary weight of the hubs!! Genius!! lol

    Although frankly I would have joined them in the middle - when the wheel rotates it'll make the car go up and down at the back??
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    I'm deffo bringine my camcorder now!

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    Count me in.

    Have a spare to practice on all Thu lol

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    Whats can be better then the snap of a latex glove and a hand full of greasy balls lol

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    lol yes zip but it doesnt count if its someone elses lol

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