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Thread: Fancy Dress

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    Fancy Dress

    So who's up for it? C'mon, it'll be a laugh.
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    No chance, I've fallen for this before lol

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    I think it'd be good... apparently, Frankenstein is going as Owen

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    Who else we got?

    Earl Hickey
    Borris Johnson
    Theo Pathitis
    Phil Jupitus over on the Mr2oc stand


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    "What am i playing No, football, no rugby! no football...aaarrrrgghhhh!"

    Do we have a fitba team for this year or we just organising once we're down there?

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    That's myself by 4am most Sundays, my face tends to get a little "relaxed" lol

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    lmfao, hopefully be all finished so I can watch tonights episode and then phonejacker then get some shut eye ready for da weekend!

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    Oh i forgot about Fonejacker, caught half an episode on Tue night, farkin funny. lol

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