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Thread: Fancy Dress

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    havn't got time to sort anything for myself and doubt I would anyway.

    Altho I do give these couple of warnings.......

    No one go as a sheep, remember the welsh massive are going and most importantly, noone go as an ice pop.

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    The mods could go as the Red Dwarf crew - but then again - maybe not!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paff
    havn't got time to sort anything for myself
    you're fine as you are mate

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    Werewolf is me mate, :)

    either that or freak of nature :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by OlberJ
    Oh i forgot about Fonejacker, caught half an episode on Tue night, farkin funny. lol
    Come on Olie thursday night is fuuny hour with earl on followed by foneejacker or is it tother way round hmmm wheres me sky= planner when u need it!

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    You mean Still Game followed by Fonejacker.

    Do you get Still Game down there?

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    dunno olie will have a look fella! ;)

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