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Thread: car Layout plan

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    car Layout plan

    after a rough count up, the jae site plan might end up like this, or not :D dependant on electric location and other unforseen bits.

    R = recreation
    S= support Vehicle
    blue trianlge shapes = tents / provision for 24-ish .. plenty room for more, not easily planned.
    anyone asks what 1.5/2v6/1/2 or 3 is.. had better go find another stand :mrgreen:
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    Change all the number 2s to BT

    BT = Beertent!;)

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    So, whats a 1.5?

    Big night last night (3 hours kip), so I will be the one asleep in the recreation area most of the day.

    I hate to think what state I will be in tomorrow am.

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    So we set up tent inside the stand?

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    Cool plan Ad...
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