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Thread: It's done!

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    It's done!

    Well, another year, another JAE.

    We had it all. Mud, Rain, Mud, Sun, Great Food and some decent cars - and then some that Paul's done - "DJ Splint" aka Splintermcinnes provided a superb set of Bose speakers and we also had a PS3!

    Had a great time, put more names to faces who weren't at the Christmas Bash, or had joined since.

    Just wanna say thanks to all those who allowed me to have a great weekend. Especially to Paul for providing the entertainment on Saturday morning and afternoon to "The Lodges" for the catering. Superb.

    Nik, reset the counter for next year

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    I know was quite a good weekend considering the conditions

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    I want to also add my thanks to all involved with setting this event up :clap:. I had a great time and was nice to finally meet everyone.

    This pretty much sums the weather up rotflmao

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    Got a bit of forum work to do first, but I'll start uploading pics as soon as I can.

    Bloody superb weekend - Just goes to show that nothing stops the TB spirit - Not even Monsoon Cunto! :D

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    Quality weekend.. loved it! Theres some real characters in the TB club

    Hope everyone got home alright, I'm shattered. It took me a while to walk off the hangover this morning!

    My favourite cars of the weekend were Adam's 1.5 and Msherrys V6sc.. absolutely awsome!

    Thanks for the hospitality and hardwork, role on next year!


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    Fantastic weekend. Thanks to all for keeping up the great TB spirit even through the rain!

    A special thanks to Lodge for the food. superb! :clap:

    Also many thanks to the TB rehab tent. without it i may never have recovered from my hangover!

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    Yes glad I eventually got there and put some more faces to names. Lots of great work evident in the cars - looking forward to the V8s next year!
    GUTTED I missed Adams 1.5 after all the effort he has put in especially the polishing I hear??!
    Thoroughly enjoyed the run home!! But the car didn't want to turn corners in the last 100yds OOPS think my diff may have locked!

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    thanks to all. lynne and myself had a great time and a very special thanks to alun and anne for supplying the food over the weekend thanks to you both and all again looking forward to nextyear and any other events that bring us all together

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    I've said it once before and I'll say it again ...


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    just got back myself !! what an excellent weekend! even the bloody awful weather couldnt dampen the tb spirit! when you looked around at the showground and saw nearly empty club stands and then looked at ours :eekdoor: it was bursting at the seams an excellent turnout by everyone. :clap: well done guys! was a pleasure to cook for you all and a most appreciative bunch you were as well! will have to be bigger next year, with a bigger marquee or two even? and perhaps some live music saturday night? what do you say? will post pics later after i have had something to eat:hand: it was great to meet you all and those i didnt get round to .......... there always next year? maybe with a different car perhaps?

    oh and woodsy?:naughty: alcohol poisoning?:hidesbehi rotflmao

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