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Thread: It's done!

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    I think we have just found next months TB homepage picture rotflmao

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    Yeah - was a fantastic time, sorry I had to leave on Saturday, but needs must, etc, etc. Looking forward to next year for sure!!

    I'm play drums in a band incidentally - won a few contests, had 4 EP's professionally recorded etc, so would be happy to provide music next time...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Miss.Fit
    Fantastic weekend. Thanks to all for keeping up the great TB spirit even through the rain!

    A special thanks to Lodge for the food. superb! :clap:

    Also many thanks to the TB rehab tent. without it i may never have recovered from my hangover!
    i too would like to thank the rehab was quite emotional lol...great to see every-one again..had a really "lovely" time!!!

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    Awesome weekend - although I was with the OC mainly I stumbled over and was welcomed warmly by everyone I met!

    Was great to see everyone I haven't seen since last JAE, and super to put new faces to familiar names.

    How about a TB band Spongebob - I do piano + guitar...
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    I mime in the shower ... so no use! lol

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    Saturday morning -day after friday night, this pic shows the lenghts woodsport will go to please their customer base!! ruff tuff boys them lads in durham! lol

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    Popped over to said hi on Saturday at about 11am and EVERYONE was still asleep..!! Paul was trying hard not to throw up agin in his 4x4...!!

    Went to say hello to Paul and all he could manage was "80% rasberry, very strong, tents a mess" said in a very tired Irish voice and then just passed out again.....funny as fcuk :)

    Nice to meet a few of you guys as I was leaving. Sorry I didn't get to stay and chat longer but I had to get home by 3 to pick up my son :)

    Will definately try and get to the next TB meet if it's not far

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnny g
    The drunk Irish ejit.

    It' was Shugs' pies that did it. :D
    sunday morning i visited the dunny as you do :mrgreen:.... thats at least 24 hours later, and i thought my head was going to pop :D , then proceeded the mother of all headaches

    big thanks to alan whom catered and did a grand job of organising the main event. great to meet up and put names to drunkards lol , my girlfriend isn't built for mudslides, although geting her out the door was an accomplishment in itself :)

    as johnny said.. a get together more often is of the order, even if a day or so it's like i waited all year for that, it cant storm on every event now i'm sure. if anyones interested in the jap-show finale at santa-pod on octobner 7th it would be great to have a day seeing another side of the cars, meet up again and some competition. the bluecorner , fighting out of japan....

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