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Thread: Lost And Found

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    Great stuff Garry, thanks mate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marksman
    I seemed to have gained a sleeping bag? Nik told me it was mine and I believed him but Miss Owen tells me I'm wrong...


    If it's a Kilo soft small pack in green it's mine. I brought a spare for Nik but have only just realised it's missing presumed dead.

    Does that mean you been giving my kit away Nik? hehe

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    Tis safe and sound

    Are you going to Santa Pod?


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    All being well mate yes. Thanks, I'll grab it then.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Sponge Bob
    I've come home with some fit bird who drives a Celica...

    Sweet lol
    Second time i read about it!! Dammit, some juicey details are required with pics. Now, don`t give me that "i don`t kiss and tell" crap, spill the beans

    And btw, LOL to this entire thread!!rotflmao rotflmao

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