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Thread: jae pic thread!

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    That white car on the skyline stand looks like a Merc 190 from some angles.Glad to see you all had fun despite the rain.My service contract was cancelled on thursday so i could have made it after all but by friday afternoon i was flooded in and could,nt get out till sunday evening.I,m well impressed with the Veranti though,she was left outside in all that rain and the roof never leaked a drop.See you soon.Indy.

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    Superb pics ... memories forever they are.

    lmao at the crimescene though, should have put that around a certain non-TB V6 that was there ;)

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    Thanks to Lodge for the food

    Johny for the drink

    And Paul for the entertainment !

    Here's the rest :

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    Yey, someone got a pic of old rusty :) nice one Olber.

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    Paff, that sounds the NUTS!! I missed that passenger ride as well.. maybe next year.

    I got 4 photos of the whole weekend, here we go!

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