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Thread: jae pic thread!

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    Quote Originally Posted by nik
    urm..whos car is this btw??
    it was some random guys on the sunday he just parked it there and walked off but did ask if anyone would mind but as quite a few had gone I think he just didnt know what else to do with it lol

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    great pics Stu!

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    Look, you can almost spot the 3 foot grin already lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by blueninja66
    you did snap a string! i had bloody wet feet trying to get it back in the ground, it was top class though mate...........i knew exactly why you did it, my mate was completely stunned until he saw the delicas taped up the same. the penny then dropped from a great height " what a bunch of mindless pricks" was his first reaction i think lol.

    :D :D :D :D

    LMAO He has to see the funny side of that ffs. Anyone who drives around with a mobile school disco strapped to his car must have some sense of humour. :gay: :hidesbehi :mrgreen:
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