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    didnt make it home in one piece!

    well did first 40 miles without incident then blasting down the M6 all the dashboard lights came on but still running perfect but knew what it was, pulled over and sure enough no alternator belt and no tools on me either, the blet was sat in the undertray still in one piece, fecking typical, phoned si who wasnt far behind me. Anyway checked on satnav and was 26 miles to my uncles who i knew would have tools so limped it there instead. Got there and had closer look and the entire air con pump was also sat loose in the undertray.

    So get it up on ramps and psent three hours lying underneath it to eventually get everything bolted back up and running spot on. Test drive it perfect. Have tea with me gren so bonus there. Leave warwickhire at 7 pm and head through my old haunts in gloucrstershire to find all the roads littered with cars abondoned from the floods. Anyway another 40 miles since i spent time under car it loses power and all i can see is a huge smoke screen behind me, thick white smoke. Fed up and tired at this point os get it recovered the remainding 90 miles home, off load it and the fecker runs perfect so very confused now so when weather clears up think its head off time as gotta be the head gasket as cant see what else it can be although no mayo and didnt overheat once!

    Got home at 11 in the end and the little un has just woke up as he was shattered but really enjyed himself and is gutted he cant go to the xmas party!

    Show was brilliant and cars were amazing and food supplied by the lodges was amazing value and bloody lush so many many thanks to everyone!

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    Unlucky Sam, hope ya get it sorted easily.

    Oh btw I made it back everything working apart from a blowing downpipe but we know why that has happened anyway.

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    nice one paff, mightily impressed with the car when u took me out in it for sure! just get the suspenders and brakes sorted now!

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    I had a problem before where I knocked the bleed pipe that goes from the thermostat housing up to the expansion bottle off while working on the car. After a few miles driving the expansion bottle started peeing coolant out of the side and straight onto the hot exhaust. Cue a lot of steam, me pulling over and feeling like a right plank!
    Priorities change, passions do not.

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    cheers colin will have a look at that! god knows whats going on with it but am sure I will get to the bottom of it soon!

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    Thats bad news that mate, but f'in typical.

    Scrap the mk1 - they're too unreliable ;)

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    u might be right! garage sale coming up followed by a visit to Mr Noble I rekon, fecking cars who needs them lol

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    Get the f'kin V6 built first!!!

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    ill take it off you're hands at no cost if its too much hassle sam lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnny g
    Get the f'kin V6 built first!!!
    noble already comes fitted with a V6 does it not lol

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