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    But from what i remember of seeing pictures of the noble is that its a LHD or RHD and not centred. So then the Car will be heavier on one side when Sam drives the car then it is with me which messes up the perfect handling(unless you get a passenger and use them for a counter weight to even in up) lol.

    The only Truly perfect car is the car thats built specifically for the driver but i dont think anyone does that <:(

    Edit: Didnt/dont people say that any engine other then the 4age messes up the handling of an MK1? Seems it actually improves it a bit from reading about it on here. :)(i know the Noble costs shit loads more then an mk1 but you never know what might happen with out trying)

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    could just use a noble engine in a Mk1, 3.0 V6 twin turbos 6 speed LSD mmm mmm mmm

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    lol @ that being listed in the Ford category

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    sorry to hear about your troubles mate! but an ideal time to fit the turbo engine!!!!:hehe:

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    the thought had crossed my mind lodge! ;)

    Considering John AKA theferal built a homebrew twincharge engine in a weekend thats another possibility and gotta catch him on MSN sometime soon!

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    Has a nice ring to it.

    And no, i don't mean Sam has a nice ring before anyone says it. lol

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    Nightmare, it was running so well when you took me out in it, hope i'm not a jinx!!
    Rebuild it and stick a manual box in it, i'll have another go at next years JAE!

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    it will be there murf but not sure about the manual conversion yet ;) getting lazy in me old age...oh no always been lazy lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by superchargedsam
    getting lazy in me old age...oh no always been lazy lol
    /looks at Sams build thread.....

    No arguments from me on that statement mate!

    Gutted for ya; Think me and BSM got a wales visit quite soon, want us to stop by and give it a once over?

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