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    Quote Originally Posted by millentubby
    It made me laugh :D Loved it :D
    i went for a mooch round on saturday, when i returned there was 4 blokes with fists like shovels stood at the back of it scanning round for the owner. needless to say i got in my mates sil80 and completely denied ownership lol.

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    i saw the socks and the sticker most of our lot were wearing shorts and sandals :roll: :hehe:

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    wish i hadnt taken that sticker out now but my bottle went..........and as for the socks, they aint half warm, headache inducing but warm.

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    Yeah, do tell what was this sticker of which you speak?


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    jiff has a pic i think! "mr2oc is shit" or something like that!!:hehe:

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    bingo!................hope jiff got a pic, i forgot to take one before i scraped it out!

    i butchered the web addy sticker and added my own touch as a dirty protest:

    "the MR2OC is shit"

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