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    bloody hell, but some of those cars were still there this year like the dragon supra and drag datsun! odd to read to think TB werent there then!

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    hmm .. it's gone down hill, I'm here :D

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    Urm - was that the same Datsun that was on our stand this year?

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    Between then and this years JAE Mr Woods has posted 12 times a day.........every day

    I was there in '05 with IMOC, didn't spot a 1.5 back then, thank god i found this place :hehe:
    Calling No. 25 1.5 SE

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    i hadnt even heard of jae then! :hehe:

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    went to jae at billing but not the first year at east of england!

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    I remember going to the last one (2004) at Billing and thinking this needs more space. that was even before Jiff bought his Mk1!!! I went with my mate the year before in his Datsun 240z....

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    been doing JAE since 2000,wouldnt miss it for the world,although i do seem to have lost a full day this year :) ... its amazing how far we have come from those posts jiff!

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    we are a sprawling beast of a club now thats for sure!!

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