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    and can only imagine how big we will be by JAE next year!

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    Yep I remember some of that one, been goin myself since 2001 twas where I first saw Pauls monkeypuke yellow 1.5

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    Think we'll be having the "eqivalent" of the MR2 Village? Cough

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    More of an Mr2 Concentration Camp lol

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    count me in all going well peeps

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    we aint organised enough to be accepted as another village

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    Village People? :gay:

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    jeff is that your motor out there E780 llC? untouched virgin :D and matt dixeys :mrgreen: ..

    young man :hand:
    Last edited by adamh; 28-07-2007 at 16:43. the bluecorner , fighting out of japan....

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    Adam, it is indeed my untouched motor! Back in the days when I thought a 4age was a half decent motor. Had actually met Matt Dixey a month before and persuaded him to bring his along as it was only just finished.

    Funnily enough it failed to win best modified vehicle on the Mk1 club, despite having every component modified by the owner; No, the best modifed car was apparently Tango.... :careful:

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