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    Will he have recovered for Santa Pod?

    I went down to my Dad's at the weekend and brought back a load of Damsons to make some Dam-Gin (like Sloe gin but with Damsons) - maybe I should bring some with me and see how Paul likes it? It won't be the same as Raspberry Vodka - but maybe just as palletable :mrgreen:

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    lol we would have to pin him down!
    We are going out for his birthday - footie, beers, chinese, more beers - he says you do know Becky that I won't be drinking!!!!!
    Perhaps we should be careful - he is driving Tiger the next day so 1 tsp would be his limit.........
    I am not sure how long this teetotal malarky will continue for! We shall see. Johnny has sent a bottle of Rasp Vodka - it's sitting in the fridge - some people can't bear to look at it!

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    I shouldn't laugh - it took me three days to get over the Sloe Gin from last years Chrimbo Do and I know I will never touch sloe gin again

    Maybe you should drive Tiger - she seems to like women more than men anyway - everytime she has broken down it has been when Owen was driving - I drive her and she's as good as gold! Maybe she just doesn't like the names Owen calls her :naughty:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Miss.Pitstop
    i thought it was quite funny when your legs decided not to work anymore....and...putting you into bed was hilarious!!!!, really..! lol
    wish i had got that shitfaced, you could of put me to bedrotflmao rotflmao

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    Quote Originally Posted by matt dixey
    wish i had got that shitfaced, you could of put me to bedrotflmao rotflmao
    I bet Jill would have helped lol :hand:

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    Quote Originally Posted by millentubby
    I missed all the Jasper fun I think :(
    So did I mate.... lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by jasper
    My God, can't believe I actually told you that, some people have no shame. Did I tell you about behind the book trolley? ....and my barber's shop, also behind the trolley?

    You may be dissappointed (that's not the first time I've said that to a girl either)

    Yup! The time it takes to get served.
    rotflmao rotflmao

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    I fell

    Made me piss that did ... we just left you on the floor as the 1m 16.x lap was on the cards!

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    BTW - who won the PS3 contest?

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    Well, who do you think?
    Clue: he hogged the PS3 :P

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