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Thread: Woodsport TV

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul Woods
    lol wouldnt that look like a benny hill sketch though?
    Who's supplying the semi clad ladies then :hidesbehi

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    Dean and Anth ARE the scantily clad ladies. lol

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    disclaimer needed: 'way-aye man...there will be bad language and nudity in tanights woodspurt'.

    great move mate!, look forward to seeing the cams roll the bluecorner , fighting out of japan....

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    so let me get this straight,if i employed some scantily clad wench to wear overalls and get all oily you lads would watch that rather than v6 swaps?

    ok i just read that back and it was a self answering question lol

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    dude no.....if she is wearing overalls.....she is hardly scantily clad

    needs too be more like that "satisfaction" music video....with chicks and power tools.....hmmmm.....happy place

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    Vote 1 for Woodsport hot b!tches awards, it can be like Topmodel but for guys and rated (MA) :)

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    thats awesome news paul. Looking forward to watching the jedi master of v6 swaps at work. :popcorn:

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    Quote Originally Posted by FourVeeSix
    If you look very carefully, you can just make out the flaw in her routine..........
    It's obvious...she didn't lock her elbows out in frames 5 & 6. ;)

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