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    Cheers guys, iv updated my profile now :) At least im not the shortest around then.

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    Hmmm tempted, I'll have to check me shift rota. What time's the convoy travelling down from the North?

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    The new categories are here!:

    1. Mk1 / 4age only;
    Just the bare naked 4age 1600cc engine , with fuelling additives fine.

    2. Mk1 modified;
    have a 3sgte? 3vzfe? 1uzfe? 4agze, twin charged? forced induction? the sky's the limit in this category.

    3. Mk2 modified;
    have a turbo / supercharger / 3vzfe / 1uzfe ?, the skys the limit in this category.

    There was also talk of a 'Sekrit spirit of two brutal trophy' no-one knows what its going to be awarded for lol so go for it in any way you can.

    at the moment, there arent many if none plain mk2's attending, which makes a trophy a bit biased to an entrant, if the numbers grow we will probably sort a category out.

    come on people get the money coming in, weve only a short time as advance tickets are not available after a certain date ..
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    Dont think I am going to be able to make this :sad: . My car is still in bits and the MOT is due (this week I think).

    May still try and get along on either sat or sun but would have to be in the Focus, do they have a non jap general carpark like JAE did?

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    yes gary, all cars welcome, you can limp your focus up the track on the saturday!, sunday is jap cars only, all makes of car welcomed off the club stand, plenty of parking at the site
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    So far I have ticket orders from AdamH, Stu, Wardie and steviek - any other takers?

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    me aswell please lyn ill drop the cash down the weekend

    "A tattoo is an artificial pigmentation of the skin performed by a prick with a needle" .. sailor jerry Hawaii 1973

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    Me and BSM missus, bung it on my tab ;)
    I hate all southerners. As a point of reference, I'm stood at the north pole.

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    I should need 6 tickets, 3 cars my mk1b, evo and fiat coupe, will there be car passes?

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    Quote Originally Posted by martin-mk1
    I should need 6 tickets, 3 cars my mk1b, evo and fiat coupe, will there be car passes?
    hello martin, car parking is free at the event, those wishing to park inside can do so, how ever non mr2's cannot park on the club stand, perhaps there might be room nearby we are unsure of the pitch location/size as yet. tickets for 6 would be £95.15 , send using paypal to or you can arrange to pay via cheque by p.m' ing lyn. tickets will be sent to you advance so thats your easy entry....
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