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    update: it states on the japshow website that we need to book half the tickets in advance for a clubstand, if we book 10 tickets in advance we are allocated by them a car pitch for 20, this morning santa pod have stated that after advance ticket sales are finished no matter how large your provisional pitch is, those without advance tickets (which do come with seperate car passes) will not be abled to use the club stand, i.e, if you dont book an advance ticket by the deadline you cannot come onto the club stand or bring your car into the club stand area. the bluecorner , fighting out of japan....

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    it seems ridiculous that you can book in advance for a prospective 20 car pitch with 10 advance tickets, then after the advance tickets are withdrawn from sale you cannot get a car pass for the club stand as car passes come with advance tickets only!. the ticket booth clearly stated car passes for club stands will not be given out after advance sales are closed. your car passes will be sent with advance tickets.
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    I currently have orders for 20 tickets - although 14 of them still need to be paid for!

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    Hey chaps - originally we had the following people down for this show:

    lodgeman: mk1.5 V6 * HOTEL
    podge & Lynne: * HOTEL
    jiff lemon: mk1.5 V6
    msherry: Mk1.5 V6 SC
    superchargedsam: Mk1 SC
    grsymons: mk1.5 maybe
    Jinga: mk2 V6 SC
    BSM: Mk1.5
    Shugsta: Mk1.5
    Charged Mk1.5
    PeteC: MK2V6
    Miss Owen: Tiger MK1 SC HOTEL
    Marksman: Something HOTEL

    Stu: MK1.5 Penelope
    Paul woods & becky: HOTEL
    Rowdan & Kaye: MK2 TURBO HOTEL
    Matt Dixey: MK1.5
    Jasper: *

    Those I've put in red have either bought tickets or promised me money one way or another. In addition I have ticket requests from Wardie (paid), Steviek (paid) and Martin-MK1.

    With the change to the rules announced by the organisers this morning (only advanced tickets get car passes for the club stand) those of you listed above that want to be on the stand need to let me know asap if you are still coming.

    Ticket prices are:
    single ticket: £16.35p / ea.
    two tickets:£32.17 / pair.
    three tickets:£47.98 / three.
    four tickets: £63.80 / four.
    six tickets: £95.15 / six

    Payments can be via PayPal to or if you want to pay by cheque/postal order or cash (delivery only) please PM me and we'll sort something out.

    Thanks guys.
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    i have sent payment threw paypal you not received it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by steviek

    i have sent payment threw paypal you not received it?
    Yes Steve, it is here I just hadn't received an acknowledgement from PayPal but I've checked the account and all is well. I've just amended the post above to say you've paid - sorry for the confusion!

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    im just collecting the last bit of money of my mates so i should have it by friday, is this correct that we are paying for club camping and also do you have a display stand too or are you displaying in your club camping site?, im just abit confuddled. i book club camping every year and we get car passes for a min of 10 for the club camoing and also if we display we get a show stand near the strip etc.

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    martin, there will be camping, and its included in the adavance entry ticket as you say. wether or not its near the club stand we wont know until the day, most of us are using a hotel following jae's downpours!, those who are camping would be setting up next to eachother i would imagine.. sorry mate cant be any morw specific than that until the day as the camping is allocation on arrival. anyone else camping?
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    well it sounds like you just have a club camping stand, so in that case tents are usually placed there is that not correct? or have they allocated you a stand and club camping seperate sorry to confuse.

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    the club stand aswell, fantastic organisation at santa pod, we wont know the location until apparently a few days before at best, lyn or i can post up anything we here from the organisers before that, thats after booking the pitch of course. nearer the time lets hope we get alocation in advance. i wouldnt imagine a club stand was with camping as the stands are in the pits and you cant nail pegs into tarmac :) the bluecorner , fighting out of japan....

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