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Thread: BrutalBall '08

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    BrutalBall '08

    Well, moving on from the previous thread about the International MR2 Meet. There general consensus is that people are "up for it" but there seems to be a secular thought of keeping it "Brutal" - which is fine with me.
    The Initial Plan

    Choose a route, suggest a route, change an existing route!

    Here's Route 1 - This is my suggestion ... please feel free to comment

    Newcastle to Kristiansand (Ferry)

    Depart Geordieland, westwards to Norway! See if we can spot some Fjords among the Toyota's. Pick up Shorty - if he's coming with us! (16 hours Ferry trip. £125-£150).

    Stanvanger to Kristiansand
    Travel around the south coast of Norway, coastal views. Sure thing for some quality pictures. Our first stop over.

    Kristiansand to Fredrikstad
    Head south along the coast for some sighseeing in the glorious Fjord lands

    Fredrikstad to Gothenberg
    Head into Sweden for a bit of eye candy for the lads! ;)

    Gothenburg to Copenhagen (via Angelholm)
    Head down from Sweden to Denmark, the home land of Danish bacon. I'm sure we'll get a bacon butty or two to eat on the way to the Koenigsegg garage (if we can get a visit?).

    Angelholm to Malmo
    Stop over a party in Sweden!

    Malmo to Copenhagen
    From Sweden into Denmark and across straight away into Jutland...

    Copenhagen to Nyborg
    Into Jutland, seeing some of the sights that Denmark has. The scenary crossing the water ways.

    Nyborg to Hamburg
    Leave Denmark and head into the land of efficiency. Be sure to bring some David Hasselhoff (MSherry will supply). The second largest city in Germany and Europe's largest port should give some visual delights as well as a good couple of bars :)

    This is a suitable point for people to either break off or join the convoy. Hamburg to Calais is a 6 1/2 hour drive around Bremen, Essen, Duisberg heading just north of Dusseldorf and into Holland passing south of Eindhoven through Antwerp, Gent, into Belgium through Brugge past Dunkerque and then finally at Calais.
    For those joining, it's the reverse, don't you know!

    Hamburg to Berlin
    A nice drive from western Germany to eastern Germany, seeing some history, the old Berlin Wall and The Iron Curtain. The very point where East met West. however, that's gone now, thanks to reunification! (2 1/2 hours).

    Berlin to Dusseldorf
    Back into the western side of Germany with a 4 3/4 drive across autobahns, which are mostly derestricted in this area - but sensible heads on!

    Dusseldorf to Cologne
    To the Toyota Team Europe facility where they build the Toyota F1 cars. (with their performance this year, Woodsy might get a job - and he might get a V8, as their ones are only 2.4 ltr lol) - hopefully we can arrange a trip around the site or failing that we'll explore the history of this lovely town. The Nurb'ring is also here, and it would be rude not to enjoy this place. All cars on track for a convoy around the 'ring?

    Cologne to Stuttgart
    More in the Fatherland and maybe do a drive past the Porsche Factory?

    Stuttgart to Stelvio Pass
    One of the best roads in the Alpine region. Settle down in Italy for Peroni and a Pizza

    Stelvio Pass to Berne
    Across to Switzerland for a look at the Alps from the other side looking for a Toblerone and a cuckoo clock and hope we don't get converted to Calvanism

    Berne to Chamonix
    Further west to the foot of Mont Blanc on the French/Swiss border

    Chamonix to Turin
    Back into Italy heading south

    Turin to Nice
    Stopping down for the night on the Cote d'Azure

    Nice to Monaco
    As above but heading to the land of the rich and beautiful, where we'll blend in like long time locals :) and of course, driving through the tunnel, whilst Lamborghini spotting.

    Monaco to Milau
    On to the suspension bridge - Millau Viaduct, the new amazing suspension bridge

    Milau to the Motor Museum in Loheac
    A whopping 8 hour trip. Any suggestions for a stop over midway?
    Total for Day: 8hrs

    Motor Museum to St Malo
    Final trip for the ferry home.


    Motor Museum to Calais
    Final leg back to the port for the trip back to Blighty.

    Anyways, all conjecture at the moment, but I'd love to do this around next summer. Beats "normal" holidays :) - we could even get MR2Only to come with us :D

    Routes 2 and 3 are also available to download now, as well as Route 1. Please download and vote!

    The rest of the routes are similar but contain some subtle changes. My personal route of choice is route number 1 (obviously!).

    If anyone is interested, I've broken down Route 1 into each individual trip. PM me and I'll email each link over to you :)

    Please feel free to add your own routes, or say which cities you would like to visit as well as those you don't want to?

    Chamonix Mont Blanc, Milau, Monaco and Stelvio Pass are the ones I would like.

    Leave: End of July
    Return: Early August
    Duration: ~ 2 weeks
    Cost: £1500 - £2000

    1. Johnny G
    2. MSherry
    3. Paul and Becky
    4. Nik
    5. Lyn and Owen
    6. OlberJ
    7. Podge and Lynn
    8. Shorty (meeting us on the flipside!)
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    Thats pretty much Spot on mate, I can see my Groundhog day in that trip somewhere...perfect!

    Is Milan not quite a bit of a detour from the rest of the "stuff"?

    "BrutalBall 08'" I love it! Shotgun the first T-shirt.

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    Great point raised in MSN by "The C**t" Sherry -- Shorty can meet us in Amsterdam or Calais and do the whole journey with us!

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    "Shortsport does Europe" more T-shirt ideas there.

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    What about WoodShort lol.

    I'm thinking around 10 days to 2 weeks? Obviously, people can come and go as they please!

    I think TomTom might do a roaring trade soon if people ain't already got them :)

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    Love the idea - but will probably cost me way too much!

    Will see how my finances fare nearer the time - might be able to come for some of it.

    I am planning on going on the trip though, so might have to do the BrutalBall Run '09 instead :D
    Priorities change, passions do not.

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    We're looking around 3500km I think for that route. Which is circa 2200 miles.

    Using 25mpg as a rough average between motorway and a-roads we've got around 88 gallons of Shell's finest. Around 375 quid at 93.9p/ltr

    On top of that, we've got £175 for the Eurotunnel. That's about £550.

    14 days worth of food and accomodation and titbits is around £1200. That's £1750 really, so if you say £2,000 ish.

    It's not cheap! But - will it be worth it? Yep! :)

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    well straight away, Hull-Zeebrugge is £70 return inc the car, Accommodation will be totally dependant on where we go, camping or nice hotels or a mixture of the two, hotels for cities and camping for rural stop overs? You'll definately want a contigency fund for misshaps, I'm sure we could fix most things at the side of the road, with the tools and knowledge between us, and thats what makes an adventure, It would be boring if all goes to plan.

    based on my Nurburg trips which are 3 nights in Koblenz and approx 2500 miles, that costs £500 with everything, food, hotel, petrol, return ferry, £1500 should be perfectly adequate.

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    I agree. I just added some contingency, I guess it's the Project Manager in me :)

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    Woodsport Paul Woods's Avatar
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    Mar 2005
    Durham, UK birthplace of the 1.5,v6 and v8 Mr2
    definately up for this one,all i got to do now is build a car....

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