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Thread: BrutalBall '08

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    Committee? Sounds like a great idea

    We'd really need to start organising this straight away though, so people have time to save, organise/reshuffle and prepare cars (PAUL!) etc.

    Timewise, I'm thinking last week of July, first week of August as you're nearly always guarenteed good weather over in Europe around that time.

    We just really need to decide a route to take around Europe and get some accomodations sorted.

    Sherry volunteered a good idea to me on MSN about some european campsites that actually have permanent tents. We could plot some of them and check for B&B's?

    Camping has been suggested, but I'm just conscious of the amount of travelling that we're doing. It's a lot of driving which will require good nights sleeping and after a long drive, do you really want to put a tent up? Cheap B&B's can be had for €40 a night (around £25).

    So timescales need to be decided first, then route, then accomodation. Do we agree?

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    Just a suggestion but the millau bridge isnt too far from monaco.

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    My thoughts eggzackly senor. Excellent find of that picture.

    What a cool picture it would be to have 20+ MR2's on there?

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    We can organise it as a group, everyone who is wanting to go can help out.

    What we need:

    1. A vague date that we can all work from, 18th to the 26th July 2008? This just means , hotel, ferry prices are all for the same date.

    2. A more definitive route, maps etc. Everyone throw in ideas using google earth or some crap. actual roads etc would be helpful.

    3. Once the route had been setup, we need hotels, campsite prices etc.

    4. Ferry prices (Newcastle to Oslo) or (Hull to Zeebrugge) more central.(P&O are really good for the Hull journey)

    5. A list of people that are REALLY interested.

    6. We'll get better deals on accommodation and ferries if we book as a group, so we may need use of an account where we can all put out money, Does TB have such a thing?

    That should get us started, if everyone wanting to go does each of these then we can get a good itinery together in no time.

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    I've updated the first post with some links for people to click and look.

    I can add a list of people who are interested to that post as well. Good work Sherrybaby

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    right, ferry from Hull to Zeebrugge, with 4 people in an inside cabin is £100 each return, that includes 1 car, but usually doesn't cost more if theres 2 cars if I remember from previous trips. Not a bad price at all.

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    That's a good price that. Are going to go from Newcastle and return through the Eurostar or do a return booking on the Ferry?

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    I reckon a return would be cheaper, the ferry is more fun too(read, you can get smashed on the ferry)

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    I`m in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yey, this will be fun if i could just get it done in time. I was thinking of just dropping the engine ( again ) and roll the car over to a bodyshop to get the shit done properly!! Costs shit but probably worth it:)
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    I'd rather give Mike Tyson a blow job in front of my mum and dad mate!
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