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    Oh Johnny....I'm back! :hidesbehi

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    wb MO.

    We need to set a time to close this off and start making bookings/plans ASAP.

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    I suggest we give it another week and then close it - once we have the prices we may be able to open it up again to late comers but we'll have the minimum figures to work on.

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    Ed Zachery. Good call - as usual. Why can't Owen be as sensible as you :)

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    Don't even get me started on that one - aparently that's why he keeps me around! :hidesbehi
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    Still def looking forward to this, just hope I don't end up quitting my job and becomming really skint before it. Got close to walking out today. Think I've got enough saved up anyway so just gotta get the mk1 back on the road now.

    gonna be a wicked hol :)

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    Thread is now closed - all names below are confirmed for BB08!

    Week 1 (Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany)

    01. Marksman and Miss Owen (one or two cars - two people)
    02. Paff (one car, one person)
    03. Paul Woods and Miss.Tress (one car, one person, one Paul)
    04. OlberJ (one car, two people)
    05. el quimedente and miss freckles (one car, two people).
    06. Podge (one car, two people).
    07. Johnny G (1 car, 2 people)
    08. MSherry21 (1 car, 2 people)
    09. Splintermcinnes (1 car, 1 person)


    Week 2 (Mainland Europe, inc Stelvio, Milau, Monte Carlo, Mont Blanc)
    01. Johnny G (1 car, 2 people)
    02. MSherry21 (1 car, 2 people)
    03. Splintermcinnes (1 car, 1 person)


    We'll make provisions for a couple of spaces in each week so that'll be on a first come, first serve basis.

    Any other people who want to come will potentially have to make arrangements for their own ferry and hotel/campsite accomodation

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