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    I'll get the first round in every hotel in...while we're waiting for you to arrive.

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    Fuckit, stick me down for week 1 aswell.

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    Stelvio sounds more fun ... But perving on the Swedish lasses, you poor paired off people :)

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    Because you're less of a country Owen!

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    Right :hmm:


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    Paul - are you stil planning to hit Germany with us, with the German MR2 OC who wanna see some V6s?? Suprised you went for week one actually

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    cant afford to take 2 weeks off el its one or tother.... and week 1 looks less hassle getting across to europe n back.

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    lol lol

    ze germans will nein be happy! :P

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    Pauls not got a V6 anyways, what would they want him for lol

    Is there gonna be a cheapy camping option?

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