Drinking and rogering.

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So we've had 13 years of club life, been good eh? (rhetorical).

Yes we've had our clashes, fall outs and our fair share of crap but it's been overwhelmingly positive experience from my point of view.
I took a bit of a step back more recently as fatigue was setting in, oh and the fact I sold my mk1.5 'Zombie' so felt my impetus somewhat lacking. Time passed and being the type of person who doesn't like to give up I mooted the idea to my co-founder Paul Woods about where we can take our beloved club.
It was decided expansion within reason was an approach that may help provoke and rekindle the belly fires. We started as such a niche club that we have had to reconcile our content over the years as the MR2 swap/upgrade community has gone down different routes away from the original 3S-GTE Mk1 conversion. Today we have such broad scope of Toyota technologies that we have attracted engineers/garage monkeys/self builders from other makes and species that we feel we should embrace them a little more by providing them a sounding board to bounce their ideas around. This has always been the TB way, interweb brain farting.

So what does 2017 hold in store for us?

Well as I've just alluded to, we're growing.
The forums will get a make-over and a new bunch of categories to encompass other crazy retromod projects. I know there are other homes out there for this genre but as always I think we can offer a different experience. A go-to place for proper conversation and the sharing of decent information, not just being interested in what colour wheels should be (albeit a valid question though if that's your thing then cool, go with it we really don't mind). The TB spirit has always been first and foremost sharing information to those seeking it, proper information from (most of the time) proper experienced heads and not your keyboard mechanics.

Updating the forums.

This is something I have started already so I don't imagine the place will be unplugged for very long, maybe a week. Commencing the 6th March.

My first blog post.

So that wasn't too painful. See you in the forums soon.

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